At Spring Creek Baptist Church, we strive to love God with all of our lives just as Jesus taught us. Since Jesus thought our minds worthy of devotion to God, we take our minds seriously. 

The educational ministries of Spring Creek are born out of this love and devotion. We believe that all truth comes from God. Therefore, we should not be afraid to ask tough questions or wrestle with paradoxical truths. While God is a mystery before whom we lack all the answers, he is also a mystery to be explored and experienced. We also believe that truth is best learned in community. God is an awfully big God, and we need one another’s eyes to see more and more of him. Finally, we believe that education should be appropriate for each age. From children to senior adults, we strive for learning that is relevant to a person’s life and appropriate for their maturity. Our prayer is that God will shape and form the whole person over the course of time.

The Educational Opportunities at Spring Creek include:

Sunday School

Sunday School at Spring Creek offers a variety of classes that span all age ranges, from senior adults to infants. The classes at Spring Creek meet at 9:30 a.m. Sundays and are intentionally small, which lends itself to intimacy and dialogue. Every class welcomes new faces and enjoys meeting new people. Some of the classes are textually based while others are more thematic. Some of the classes are inclusive of couples while others are divided by gender. Whatever your situation or station in life, Spring Creek has a class for you. 

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday nights at Spring Creek begin at 5:30 p.m. with dinner and are dedicated to discipleship. Children learn about the gospel through music and missions studies. Students gather to discuss a Scripture or topic relevant to the Christian walk. Adults .


Every year, Spring Creek holds at least two seminars that relate to the Christian life. These seminars are short, intense studies on particular texts or topics, and many of these seminars are led by important thinkers in a given field. 

Other Opportunities

Spring Creek provides numerous other opportunities to grow in faith. The pastor leads a book club that meets every other month to discuss a book previously read by the group. The small size of the book club lends itself to intimacy and dialogue. Joining or exiting the group can happen at any time.

Periodically, Spring Creek will offer a class called Beginners for those who are unfamiliar with the Bible, Christian practices, or Baptist beliefs. The class is perfect for those who are newcomers to the faith or those who have forgotten Christian basics over the years. 

Finally, movie nights are regular events around Spring Creek as we watch a film and discuss its contents or themes as they relate to our faith. These events uniquely combine discipleship, fellowship, and entertainment. 

Our Invitation

We invite you to come and join us on our spiritual journey. We have found that this journey demands the best of our hearts and heads, and we welcome you to our family as we challenge one another, encourage one another, and grow together. Come along with us and love God with all your mind!